Login Help

The Login process has been modified. You are now required to provide the District ID, your User ID, and Password to log into the application.

Existing Users:

  What is the District ID?
Previously, the District ID was the first three digits of your user ID and is now entered as a separate field. If it is empty, enter these digits in the district ID field.

User ID:
These are the remaining digits of your user ID.

Enter your password.

Your current User ID is 001567890 and password is YYX23NNM
District ID: enter 001
User ID: enter 567890
Password: enter YYX23NNM

New Users:
Your system administrator will provide you with your login information.

What is the District ID?
This code identifies the school district

User ID:
This identifies who you are.

This is your password to access the application. New users are assigned a temporary password by the system administrator and will be prompted to enter in a new confidential password immediately upon entering the application.