Centris Group now part of Frontline Technologies

Centris Group has been acquired by Frontline Technologies!

By joining a larger organization that serves more than 7,500 school districts, we’ll be able to expand our resources to provide even better solutions for special education.

The Proven Leader in State-Specific
Special Education Management and IEP Software

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IEP drafting… evaluations and eligibility determination… meeting schedules and invitations… tracking and compliance… due process and procedural safeguards… state special education requirements… state data warehouse reports… confidentiality of information.

Throughout the special education process, the time and burden of administrative tasks and paperwork are growing while staff resources are getting tighter.

IEP Direct is a proven state-specific solution with a track record of saving time and effort, improving compliance and reducing the complexity of managing Special Education programs and IEPs. 

State-specific Special Ed requirements

There are vast differences in Special Education requirements from state to state. That is why, unlike the products of other companies that offer generic software, IEP Direct is a truly customized state-specific solution. Each state-specific version of IEP Direct is designed to align fully with state requirements. The customization of IEP Direct goes far beyond state-specific forms and reports. Every aspect of the product, content, training and support is state-specific. The result is a truly best-of-class solution that will help you save time, improve compliance and enhance quality.

Data seamlessly shared between general education student information system and IEP Direct.

Data can be seamlessly shared between your district's general education student information system and IEP Direct. Instead of the labor-intensive and error-prone process of entering and updating student and guardian demographic records into two systems, IEP Direct automatically updates the information from your general education student information system. In this way, IEP Direct will eliminate redundant data entry, improve data accuracy and save time.

Compared to Other Software, IEP Direct is More Closely Aligned with Regulatory Requirements

Compared to Other Software, IEP Direct is More Closely Aligned with Regulatory Requirements - 96 percent agree

Not only is IEP Direct fully aligned with state-specific requirements, it is also configurable to fit each district's unique needs. IEP Direct provides built-in flexibility and customization capabilities. IEP Direct can be configured to reflect your district's Special Education policies, practices, programs, services, schedules, assessments, assignments, notices, letters, listings/reports and more. As a state-specific and district-configured solution, IEP Direct will help you increase efficiency, enhance quality and improve compliance.

Overall Satisfaction
with IEP Direct

Overall Satisfaction with IEP Direct - 100 percent satisfied

With 25 years of experience and a track record of success in more than 700 school districts, IEP Direct is a proven best-of-class product. Web-based IEP Direct has a remarkable 100% client satisfaction rate - we have never lost a school district client. This confirms our commitment to being responsive to clients' needs, providing ongoing customer support and continual product innovation. With IEP Direct, you will have the confidence and trust of working with a company that delivers an unsurpassed level of customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction with
IEP Direct's
Ease of Use

Satisfaction with IEP Direct's  Ease of Use - 98 percent agree

IEP Direct combines advanced features and technology with an easy-to-use and intuitive design. NO special computer skills are required. Our proven training methodology will prepare you to take full advantage of IEP Direct from day one. IEP Direct was developed from the perspective of Special Education professionals with first-hand knowledge of the challenges you face. As a result, IEP Direct is the easiest-to-learn-and-use product in its class. In fact, 98% of our customers report that IEP Direct is easier to use than other software.

Educators with 25 years of experience in Special Education software

IEP Direct is designed from the perspective of educators with 25 years of experience in Special Education software. Our highly qualified Development Team has backgrounds which include: former Directors of Special Education/Special Services, Case Managers, State Education Department Supervisors for Special Education, Psychologists, Service Providers and Teachers. As Special Education practitioners, we understand the real-world challenges you face and design our products and services to meet your needs.

How Much Total
Staff Time has IEP Direct Helped Save?

Satisfaction with IEP Direct's Ease of Use - 98 percent agree

IEP Direct will produce significant time savings in the administration of your Special Education program. IEP Direct customers report time savings in drafting IEPs, scheduling meetings, generating reports and administering programs ranging from 20% to 50% compared to other software. IEP Direct provides a solution which will pay for itself by increasing efficiency and returning time to teaching.

Satisfaction with
IEP Direct Help Desk

Satisfaction with IEP Direct's  Ease of Use - 98 percent agree

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond the product, implementation and training. Our Help Desk staff is a critical component of our service delivery, providing ongoing support to your school district. The Help Desk staff are not only technical experts on IEP Direct, but they also have backgrounds in Special Education. This background helps ensure that they can effectively and efficiently respond to your questions.