Ease of Use


Easy to learn and use

It's one thing for a software solution to offer a comprehensive set of powerful features. It's another for that software to be so easy to use that ordinary users – including educators with no special computer skills – can take maximum advantage of those features virtually from day one.

Well, IEP Direct was customized by New Jersey Special Education professionals who know firsthand the challenges our customers face.

Perhaps this is the most compelling reason why an overwhelming 98% of our customers reported in a survey that they are satisfied with the ease of use that IEP Direct provides – and 98% also found it easier to use than other software available.

Here are some of the comments we have received from our customers regarding how easy IEP Direct is to learn and use:

"Not many programs please everyone, but IEP Direct fits the bill. Clerical staff members find it fast, easy and comprehensive. Teachers, regardless of their level of computer literacy, can learn the system in just hours."

"This is my first real experience using an IEP program on a computer. It's very user-friendly, easy-to-access – and almost impossible to make a mistake.  I love it!"