Centris Group now part of Frontline Technologies

Centris Group has been acquired by Frontline Technologies!

By joining a larger organization that serves more than 7,500 school districts, we’ll be able to expand our resources to provide even better solutions for special education.

The Best-of-Class Special Education and IEP Software Solution for NY State School Districts

IEP Direct New York Students

More than 75% of New York State School Districts and BOCES
use IEP Direct

IEP drafting… evaluations and eligibility determination… CSE/CPSE meeting schedules and invitations… timeline tracking and compliance… due process and procedural safeguards… NYSED Special Education requirements… NY Statewide Data Warehouse/SIRS extracts… confidentiality of information. 

Throughout the Special Education process, the time and burden of administrative tasks and paperwork are growing while staff resources are getting tighter. 

IEP Direct is a proven state-specific solution with a track record of saving time and effort, improving compliance and reducing the complexity of managing Special Education programs and IEPs.

There are vast differences in Special Education requirements from state to state.  That is why, unlike other companies which offer generic Special Education software, the Centris Group provides IEP Direct-New York, a truly customized state-specific solution. 

IEP Direct-New York is designed to align fully with NYSED requirements and support best-practices in the State.  What’s more, the customization of IEP Direct-New York goes far beyond just state-specific forms, reports and extracts.  Every aspect of the product, content, training and support is designed exclusively for New York State. 

Not only is IEP Direct-New York fully customized to meet state-specific requirements, but it is also configurable to fit each district’s unique needs.  IEP Direct provides the built-in flexibility for district-level configuration, reflecting your particular district’s Special Education policies and practices.

The result is a unique best-of-class solution used by more than 75% of school districts and BOCES in the state, and that will return time to teaching, reduce administrative burden, improve compliance and support best practices.