Real-Time File Sharing


Real-time file sharing saves time, reduces errors – and enhances collaboration

One of the many unique and powerful features of IEP Direct-New York is the ability to share IEPs and student data between school districts that use IEP Direct.

Real-time file sharing is important because it reduces the administrative and data entry burden of duplicative data entry and student file maintenance.

With the Student Transfer feature of IEP Direct-New York, a school district can quickly and easily receive electronic student records and IEPs for new students entering from other school districts that use IEP Direct.  NO downloading, uploading, exporting, importing or sending files – it's all automatic.  This feature will save countless hours logging new enrollments into the school district.

The IEP Direct-New York Student Information Sharing module allows student IEP and demographic information to be synchronized across educational institutions in real-time.

For school district students being educated outside the district, a student's file can be shared in real-time using the Student Sharing feature.  The sharing of student files enables both districts to draft IEPs cooperatively.  As the educating district makes changes to an IEP, the revisions are automatically updated and displayed in the school district database, with automatic notifications indicating what changes were made.

"IEP Direct was the third (IEP) program that our district purchased.  We now have what we have been seeking, a very sophisticated yet practical approach to solving the day-to-day challenges of special education.  The program has been extremely user-friendly.  Our staff members are really excited about a program that can meet their needs."