The All-In-One Student Information System and Administrative Software Designed Exclusively for NY State BOCES

BOCES Direct  Students

Career-Technical Education… Special Education… Alternative/General Education… Demographics… Enrollment… Schedules... Attendance… Grades… Transcripts…Billing… Data Warehouse and State Reporting… Administrative Reports…District Reports.

The diversity of BOCES data and reporting needs grows ever more challenging each year. The patchwork of different software systems used by BOCES to meet these needs is becoming an untenable approach. 

Now, the leader in student information and administrative software for New York State BOCES has a proven solution that eliminates the need for this patchwork approach by providing an all-in-one BOCES student information and administrative software solution.

BOCES Direct is the only solution designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of New York State BOCES. It was created with input from New York State BOCES practitioners for New York State BOCES practitioners. This combination of BOCES specialization and practitioner perspective results in a solution that meets all student information and administrative needs for the BOCES populations in one centralized software solution.