IEP Direct Testimonials

"In preparation for a legal proceeding encompassing five school years, I had the opportunity to compare three different IEP programs.  The best, most attractive and most legally defensible IEPs (by far) were those developed by the IEP Direct program.

I am wowed!  Our jobs will be at least 50% easier with IEP Direct.

IEP Direct has been revolutionary.  Its alignment to state regulations, operational ease and access and user-friendly document presentation are just a few of the outstanding attributes of this innovative program.  The company has provided a personal touch that accentuates the many rewards of IEP Direct.  I am indebted to them for their ingenuity and support.

Unbelievable.  This software is going to save so much time and allow us to spend more time working with kids.

Not many programs please everyone, but IEP Direct fits the bill.  Clerical staff find it fast, easy and comprehensive.  Teachers, regardless of their level of computer literacy, can learn the system in just hours.  Parents, Central Administration and the Board of Education like the clean format of reports and IEPs.

The software is amazing and helps make the IEP completion almost fool-proof.

I am really thrilled with the IEP Direct program.  My teachers are extremely enthusiastic about the format of the program.  I was able to customize all of the letters in the program for my own use and upload them with ease.  IEP Direct has greatly improved the entire special education process.  I highly recommend this program to any special education director who is interested in implementing state-of-the-art IEP development.

IEP Direct is extremely user-friendly.  It has outstanding features which facilitate ease of use.

Our teachers love IEP Direct!  It only took a day of training to explain the entire system.  The IEPs are more individualized and comprehensive than they have ever been.  As teachers can enter data for their students from virtually anywhere, reams of paper no longer sit on our desks.  At the end of meetings, we are able to give parents an IEP within minutes.  I never thought that day would come!

IEP Direct will allow more time to work with students, generate reports to check for adherence to state requirements and reduce errors.

IEP Direct is fast, reliable and supported by extremely knowledgeable special educators who update the system in a timely fashion when state regulations change.  The site is extremely easy to use -- just point and click.  Our teachers were proficient in less than a day.  IEP Direct will help us save money by way of more accurate data for IEP management and state aid purposes.