Document Repository & Fax Direct

A solution for Special Education document storage, management and access


The amount of time, resources, space and expense spent on Special Education document storage is a tremendous burden on school districts. The management of this ever growing volume of documents is becoming more complex. Providing secure and efficient access to documents is a constant challenge.

IEP Direct offers an innovative solution that helps save time and expense while improving ease of access and security – Document Repository and Fax Direct.

What is It and How Does It Work?

Document Repository is an online document management solution designed exclusively for Special Education. It allows your district to store, manage and access documents electronically. It is fast, easy to use and cost effective. Document Repository is far more than just online storage. This optional module of IEP Direct is a powerful document management solution which allows you to:

  • Store electronic documents in IEP Direct at the individual student level
  • Access documents electronically by authorized individuals
  • Control access to view and store documents based on group roles or individual users
  • Organize documents by category/type
  • Add document descriptions and indexes
  • Search for documents by multiple criteria
  • Securely manage documents electronically
  • Restrict editing of the content of documents after they have been stored

With just a few clicks of the mouse and keystrokes, authorized users can categorize and store electronic documents. Viewing documents securely online by authorized users is as simple as clicking on a link within the student’s record in IEP Direct.

Document Repository is compatible with electronic files in any format including Word, Excel, PDF, WP, JPEG, GIF, TXT, CSV or other electronic formats. No additional hardware or software is needed.

FAX Direct is a fast and simple way to create and store images of paper documentation in those cases when a scanner is not available. Fax Direct creates an electronic file and stores it in the document repository using a standard fax machine. Fax Direct is a perfect solution for those buildings or remote staff that do not have access to a scanner.

With Fax Direct, paper documents are simultaneously converted to electronic format and stored in the student’s file in IEP Direct within the category you specify.

Fax Direct works with two quick and simple steps:

1. Within a student’s record in IEP Direct, print out a fax cover sheet; and

2. Fax the cover sheet and the document you want to store to the fax number provided.

What are the Benefits?

In today?s challenging environment, now more than ever your district can benefit from Document Repository and Fax Direct:

  • Save time storing, managing and accessing documents
  • Reduce paper
  • Improve ease of access to documents
  • Enhance security of documents
  • Increase ability to quickly search and locate documents
  • Save storage space
  • Provide digital archiving of documents
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate copies of documents for different departments and/or buildings
  • Promote collaboration by providing immediate access to documentation
  • No limitation on the types of documents that can be added to repository
  • Allows paper documents to be added to the repository from locations that do not have scanners

What is the Return on Investment?

Unlike other systems, Document Repository/Fax Direct is far more than just an upload of attachments and online storage. It is a comprehensive, powerful and easy to use document management solution that is designed exclusively for Special Education. That?s why it is offered as an optional module. The Document Repository/Fax Direct module is a cost effective solution at a fraction of the price of commercial 3rd party document management software. Given the minimal cost of this module and the tangible benefits it provides, your return on investment will be significant.