Medicaid Direct

Medicaid Direct

Automated Medicaid tracking and billing

Recovering Medicaid funds is no longer as difficult and time-consuming, thanks to our optional Medicaid Direct module that automates the Medicaid tracking and billing process in order to maximize revenue recovery, improve accuracy of data, and accelerate collections.

Here are a few key benefits and features of this optional Medicaid module:

  • NO time-consuming or error-filled double entry – Medicaid Direct seamlessly imports data from other education systems, reducing time spent and errors introduced.
  • Designed to meet New York State requirements.
  • Fully integrated with IEP Direct.
  • Dynamic claiming calendar – now just click on a student, select days, type and quantity of service, and then simply click again for your total. It’s that easy and straightforward.
  • Related Services Log, Contact Log and "Electronic Signatures" capability.

The truth is, Medicaid Direct makes it so fast and intuitive to recover Medicaid funds, you’ll wonder how your district ever did without it.